The discovery of UMID field dates back to 24 November 2010 and was the first gas condensate field discovered by SOCAR in the period of Azerbaijan's independence. UMID as a promising structure was identified in 1953 during the exploration work carried out by Azerbaijani geologists. 

The Umid field is located in the Caspian Sea, 75 km south of Baku. On the territory of the structure with an area of 45 cubic meter, the depth of the sea is in the range of 40-60 meters.

By the end of October this year, approximately 8.2 billion cubic meters of gas and 1,260 million tons of condensate have been produced from the gas-condensate field, which was put into operation in 2012. On average, the field produces 6.7 million cubic meter of gas and more than 800 tons of condensate per day. The reserves of the field are estimated at 200 billion cubic meter of gas and 40 million tons of condensate.   

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