Global solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity reached 627 GW in 2019, increasing by 12% compared to the previous year. 26% of the total power fell to China, 12% to the United States, 9% to India. 
Commissioning capacity was 115 GW  in 2019 comparing to a total of less than 23 GW only 10 years earlier. Solar energy capacity made up 24.2 per cent of the installed capacity on renewable energy sources. 
Solar PV accounted for around 10.7% of total electricity generation in Honduras and substantial shares also in Italy (8.6%), Greece (8.3%), Germany (8.2%), Chile (8.1%), Australia (7.8%) and Japan (7.4%), among others. Thus, by the end of 2019, at least 3 per cent of electricity demand in 22 countries and at least 5 per cent in 12 countries fell to the share of solar energy. 2.8% of global electricity consumption was met by solar energy.
In 2019, an estimated 18 countries added at least 1 GW of new capacity, and 39 countries had a cumulative capacity of 1 GW. China's solar power capacity is 169.3 GW, and in 2019, 30.1 GW of new power was added in China.


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