On March 30, re-elections to the Public Council under the Ministry of Energy were held. According to the results of the voting announced by the Election Commission, 6 out of 9 candidates nominated were elected to the Public Council. Thus, according to the results of the elections held on 18 March and 30 March, the composition of the Public Council consisting of 7 people was elected. Following information is about the members of the Public Council:

1.    Abdullayeva Mehriban - "Democratic Society and Protection of Women's Rights" Public Union 
2.    Javadli Madakhil - Deputy Chairman of "Organization of Disabled Entrepreneurs" Public Union
3.    Aliyev Farhad - Vice President of "International Ecoenergy Academy" Public Union 
4.    Hasanov Sadig - Chairman of "Towards Healthy Life" Public Union 
5.    Mehdiyeva Aybeniz -  Deputy Chairman of "Socio-Economic and Ecological Development" Public Union
6.    Nurmammadov Gurban - Founder of "Energy and Ecology" Enlightment Public Union 
7.    Tahirov Jamal - Chairman of Energy Commission of "Free Consumers" Public Union 

According to Protocol dated 15.04.2021 by the Public Council under the Ministry of Energy, Jamal Tahirov was elected as the chairman of Public Council while Gurban Nurmammadov as the deputy chairman and Farhad Aliyev as the secretary of Public Council.

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