In July 2020, 795 appeals on consumers' rights protection, electricity and natural gas supply, installation of meters and other issues were received via the Energy Regulatory Agency and the Ministry of Energy . 325 of them were related to power supply, 39 to gas supply and 10 appeals covered various issues. 6 of them were letters of thanks related to solving of problems raised.
 Appeals on power supply were related to connection to power supply network, shortcomings in electric meters, uselessness of electrical equipment and devices for operation, quality of electricity, interruptions in electricity supply, fines and penalties, termination of electricity supply, and other shortcomings in electricity supply. Appeals related to gas supply were related to gasification, debt and fines, interruptions in gas supply, gas leak, installation of meters and other issues. An appeal has been been sent the relevant authorities for taking appropriate measures. 185 appeals were investigated and answered by the Energy Regulatory Agency, 2 of which in coordination with the Ministry of Energy.

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