Members from Azerbaijan of the Joint Technical Commission established for continuing the construction and exploitation of “Khudaferin” and “Maiden Tower” hydro-junctions and hydroelectrical power plants on the Aras river participated in the meeting at the Ministry of Energy.

During the meeting, the participants discussed such issues as the current state of construction of “Khudaferin” and “Maiden Tower” hydroelectrical power plants, next steps to be taken and the duties of structures responsible for the work. Co-chair of the Commission, Deputy Minister of Energy Elnur Soltanov pointed out that the implementation of the agreement has strategic significance. Therefore, it is important to speed up the work and mutual exchange of information.

Also, the reports regarding the works implemented by the working group on the construction of “Khudaferin” and “Maiden Tower” hydroelectrical power plants were presented at the event. It was noted that 95% of the construction work on "Khudaferin" dam has been accomplished, and the completion of the “Maiden Tower” construction is expected next year.

The Joint Technical Commission is composed of representatives of Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture, the State Committee on Property Issues, the State Security Service, the State Border Service, Melioration and Water Management OJSC, Azerenergy OJSC, and Azerishiq OJSC.

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