The strategic goal of the Southern Gas Corridor was achieved with the launch of Azerbaijan's commercial gas supply to Europe through the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline. This global energy security project is a contribution of the high political will and decisive energy policy of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev. The delivery of natural gas produced on Shah Deniz Stage 2 to European consumers shows once again that all the initiatives put forward by President Ilham Aliyev are becoming a reality. Following the transportation of natural gas extracted from the Shah Deniz field, the main source of the Southern Gas Corridor, to the Turkish market from June 30, 2018, to the European market for the first time, opens a new page in the development of Azerbaijan as a gas country. Energy security projects are being implemented resolutely under the leadership of Azerbaijan. Our country has once again demonstrated its high commitment to its commitments and that it's a reliable energy support in the example of achievements in all segments of the Southern Gas Corridor. 
The transport of natural gas to Europe will strengthen the energy security of our country by diversifying the supply markets and of consumer countries by diversifying the sources and routes. It will contribute to development and stability in the great geography. Out of more than 10 billion cubic meters of gas annually to be supplied to European countries in 25 years, 8 billion cubic meters will be exported to Italy, while 2 billion cubic meters equally to Greece and Bulgaria, and the rest to the surrounding markets. The supply of gas to the south of Europe from a new source serves not only to contribute to the energy supply of workers under more favorable conditions and de-carbonization, but also to the unification of the continent with the Caspian region.  
The start of the transportation of Caspian gas to Europe today is also a logical result of exemplary cooperation with partner countries, companies, international financial institutions, and the continued high support of United States, and UK governments and European Union for the Southern Gas Corridor. 
Our next joint success in the Southern Gas Corridor project, which includes mutually beneficial multilateral cooperation, is a historic event that will strengthen the global energy security system.

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