During the nine months of 2021, the Ministry of Energy, Energy Regulatory Agency, Azerbaijan Renewable Energy Agency under the Ministry received 6083 appeals on consumers' rights protection, electricity and heat supply, natural gas supply, renewable energy and other issues. 

Appeals covered mainly to connection to the power supply network, interruptions in electricity and gas supply, uselessness of electrical equipment and devices for operation, debt and fines, gasification, metering problems, employment and other issues.

During the period, 4989 appeals were investigated and answered, 208 appeals are currently being processed, and 886 appeals are informative.

In this period, 26 video receptions were organized by the senior officials of the Ministry and agencies under the Ministry, citizens ' appeals were heard, relevant instructions were given to investigate the issues raised and to solve them in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

During the reporting period, approximately 70 appeals were received through Facebook account of the Ministry of Energy, which were  sent relevantly, and some appeals were answered on the basis of the opinions of the relevant structural divisions.

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