With the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Energy, "ACWA Power", and environmental and management consulting company "5 Capitals" and "Eco Energy" LLC, the current state of the assessment process of the 240 MW wind energy project on the environment and social impact was discussed. 
In accordance with the implementation agreement signed by the Ministry of Energy with “ACWA Power”, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the process of environmental and social assessment in Khizi and Absheron districts started in March this year, where 240 MW wind power plant will be built. In order to ensure the compliance of the assessment with international requirements, “ACWA Power” involved consulting companies - “5 Capitals” and "Eko Enerji" LLC. Preliminary flora and fauna studies have been carried out in both areas. Archaeological, botanical, herpetological and radiation observations were completed. 
It was noted that sociological surveys, observations and assessments are ongoing. 
At the next stage, it is planned to conduct laboratory analysis of air, water and soil samples, sound monitoring and shadow modeling, which is necessary for wind energy projects, as well as consultations with interested parties. 
The environmental and social impact assessment is expected to end on December 2020 and the final report will be made public.  
 It should be reminded that the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed the Order on “Actions for implementing pilot projects on the use of renewable energy sources” on 05 December 2019. On 9 January 2020 the Ministry of Energy,  “ACWA Power” of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Masdar of the United Arab Emirates concluded implementation agreements on implementing pilot projects for renewable energy.

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