According to operational data on electricity, total electricity production in Azerbaijan amounted to 2238.6 million kWh in October 2022. In comparison with the same period in 2021, electricity production increased by 68.7 million kWh (3.2 %).

Last month the electricity imports increased by 0.4 mln kWh amounting to 10.8 mln kWh compared to the same period 2021, while the exports increased by 169.9 mln kWh amounting to 295.4 mln kWh.

In total, the electricity production in the republic increased by 876.4 mln kWh, namely 3.8 % compared to the same period last year, amounting to 23748.6 mln kWh in January-October 2022.

During the reporting period, electricity generation at TPPs increased by 458.4 mln kWh reaching to 21993.4 mln kWh, at HPPs increased by 354.5 mln kWh reaching to 1463.4 mln kWh, and at other sources (WPP, SPP and Solid household waste plant) increased by 3.4 mln kWh reaching to 291.8 mln kWh in comparison with last year.

73.4 mln kWh of electricity was generated at WPPs, 55.0 mln kWh at SPPs, and 163.4 mln kWh at the Solid Household Waste Incineration Plant.

During ten months of this year, electricity generation made up 21432.6 million kWh on Azerenergy OJSC (20075.0 million kWh at TPPs, 1357.6 mln kWh at HPPs), 396.4 mln kWh on State Energy Agency of Nakhchivan AR (252.9 mln kWh at TPPs, 92.6 mln kWh at HPPs, 50.9 mln kWh at SPP), 55.0 mln kWh at WPPs on Azerishig OJSC, and 1864.6 million kWh on independent PPs.

In January-October 2022, the electricity exports amounted to 2101.2 mln kWh, and imports to 115.7 mln kWh.


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