The Ministry of Energy announces an open tender to purchase various types of cartridges in order to meet  its needs.

The tender participants are invited to submit their written tender proposals in compliance with the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Public Procurement" to website online.

Those who wish to participate in the tender are able to get general rules in the Azerbaijani language on website after transfering the following amount of participation fee to the specified account. Contact person-Elchin Mehraliyev (phone number 598 16 53/54-ext.1132)

Participation fee- 75 AZN Participation fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

Bank details: State Treasury Agency

                                   Code: 210005,


                                   C/A: AZ41NABZ01360100000000003944

                                   SWIFT :JTREOZ22

Receiver: Ministry of Energy


                                   Account №: AZ44CTRE00000000000002218301

                                    IBAN 2218301  

                                    Budget level Code: 7

                                    Economic classification: 142330

In assessing the offers, the following criteria will be preferred: high quality, low price and timely fulfillment of the contract.

To fulfill the contract, bidders must have the necessary technical and financial capabilities.

Bidders must submit the following documents to participate in the tender:

-  Certificate from the relevant tax authority on the absence of overdue obligations on taxes and other compulsory payments in the Republic of Azerbaijan;

-  a copy of the financial report of the bidder approved by the tax authorities on the activities of the last year;

-  bank statement on the financial position of the bidder last year;

-  Bidder`s full name, legal status, regulations, country of registration and details;

-  tender offer (must be valid 30 banking days after opening of tender envelopes);

-  Information on the relevance of Micro, Small and medium-sized enterprises (it should be obtained from the Statistics Committee The document is required to be scanned and presented in PDF format through the portal);

Documents must be in Azerbaijani.

The electronic tender procedure will be conducted in compliance with the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on "Public Procurement".

Bidders should submit documents related to qualification indicators for participation in the tender until 15.00 on 19 July 2021 and bank guarantee documents  until 16.00 on 29 July 2021 through the portal.

Bidders' proposals are open on 30 July 2021 at 15.00. Bidders can get acquainted with the results through the portal.

Note-participation in the tender, evaluation of the tender and all other procedures are carried out only electronically through the portal.

The e-terms can be obtained after 29 June 2021.