On 16 September, the Azerbaijan Renewable Energy Agency (AREA) under the Ministry of Energy will hold webinar on "The expansion of green energy use". 

The Head of the AREA Tabriz Ammayev will give information on renewable energy potential of our country and the opportunities for its use, renewable energy types and technologies, their impact on the environment and the ecology, the activities of renewable energy stations, pilot projects to be implemented on solar, wind or other renewable energy sources, measures taken to develop a concept for the establishment of a "green energy zone" in the liberated areas, promotion and regulation of the use of renewable energy sources, legislative reforms, international cooperation in the field of renewable energy and steps taken to study international experience, and participants' questions on the topic will be answered.

Those who want to participate in the webinar can join it via the Facebook account of the Agency on 16  September at 20:00: https://bit.ly/3tt4Lp2

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