The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan announced an interview stage of the competition for the vacant positions - Leading Advisor of the Civil Service Section of Civil Service and Human Resources Department , Advisor of Law Department.

Acceptance of documents for vacant positions will last from 6 September 2022 to 18:00, 5 October 2022.

At the interview stage of the competition, candidates with valid civil service certificate on the relevant position of the civil service, ones with the degree of Doctor of Sciences intended for the position of the civil service can participate.

To participate in the interview stage of the competition, the scanned version of the following documents must be attached to the application form during online registration:

  • copy of the document on higher education
  • copy of employment record book
  • copy of the supporting document on the awarding of the degree of Doctor of Sciences.

Job descriptions and interview programs for the vacant positions are posted on the internet portal of the State Examination Center. Click the link for getting detailed information about the vacancies :