The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan invites to the request for proposals on Involvement of a consulting company for conducting diagnostics and preparing proposals for increasing energy efficiency in various sectors of the economy and in households.

To fulfill the contract, contestants must have the necessary technical, financial capabilities and experience.

Bidders must submit the documents required to participate in the request for proposals (including bids and bank guarantees) to the procuring organization (1 (one) banking day before the opening of the offer envelopes) in signed and sealed double envelopes by 17:00 on 28 November 2023.

Bidders' proposals will be opened in the Government House (address: door 5, floor 9, room 948, U. Hajibeyli 84, Baku) at 17:00 on 29 November 2023.

Interested organizations can contact via following numbers:

Contact person: Leyla Adigozalbayova

Contact number: +(99412) 596 16 53/54 (ext.1034)

Fax: +99412 598 16 78

E-mail of contact person:

Address of the purchasing organization: Door 5, Government House, Hajibeyli 84, AZ1000 Baku