In modern times, the reduction of energy resources, fluctuation in prices, conflict of interests of the countries of the world over politics, the economy and energy resources make it necessary for each country to define a strong strategy to ensure energy security.

In ensuring the energy security of a country, a reliable supply of energy to the population and economy, diversification of fuel and energy types, efficient and effective use of energy resources and the use of renewable energy resources are of particular importance. Efficient use of energy resources has been identified as one of the main priorities of sustainable energy policy. Energy efficiency is important for countries that wish to have a strong and sustainable economy.

Energy efficiency is the reduction of the amount of energy consumed without reducing the quantity and quality of production, hindering economic development nor raising the level of well being.

In a broad sense, energy efficiency and energy saving include the reduction in losses of energy resources (electricity, heat, natural gas, gasoline, diesel and so on.), ensuring the recovery and evaluation of waste and energy, the reduction of energy demand with the application of modern technologies and scientific advances without interfering in production and increasing the use of alternative and renewable energy resources. Energy efficiency is not only aimed at saving resources, but also provides conditions for sustainable economic development, transition to a green economy and ensuring environmental security, production of competitive and cheap industrial and agricultural products, increasing consumer supply with energy providers and reducing waste and excess costs in utilities. If energy efficiency is not ensured, the unnecessary funds spent on energy resources will remain a major problem in the face of economic development and social well-being.

Ensuring energy efficiency is one of the key components of Azerbaijan’s energy security policy. Energy resources should be used efficiently and effectively in order to ensure the stability of energy security, reduce the energy share of the gross domestic product, strengthen the competitiveness of the country's economy, protect the environment and reduce waste and excess costs on utilities.

The efficient use of energy resources and ensuring energy efficiency of the end users also provide conditions for the sustainable development of the country's economy, improvement of export potential, increase of energy supply to consumers and the protection of the environment and energy resources.

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