AERA has announced the number of projects implemented and of certificates of commissioning


In 2019, 124 projects for energy supply, which was based on the technical conditions provided by the Energy Regulatory Agency under the Ministry of Energy to connect consumers to the electricity and gas supply networks, were agreed.  

In the field of gas supply, 2219 project and estimate documents of enterprises and institutions were checked and registered. According to discrepancies found in documents, registration of 51 project-estimate documents has been refused.

During the period, the agency has commissioned 142 certificates (43 of them are from 0.4 kW network and 99 are from high voltage networks) with a total capacity of 20,809.55 kW and 206685 kW for consumers' electrical installations. 359 industrial gas installations constructed according to the agreed project were commissioned. 170 gas installations due to the shortcomings, mainly, failure to install the gas pipelines in compliance with the project, failure to fully install the gas devices and equipment were not commissioned.


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